30 Day Blog Challenge Day 9

Day 9: What’s in your bag/wallet

I don’t really carry a purse anymore so this is what’s in my wallet. It’s fairly organized surprisingly but I just got it for Christmas. I just have my cards which are mostly memories than ways of payment.

The second compartment of my wallet, I have some cash, receipts, a dinosaur that I got from the Cabazon dinosaur museum and a ticket from when my husband and I started “talking.” I wish it could been messier to have more of a story but I am trying to declutter my life.


30 Day Challenge Day 4

Day 4- Your Dream Job

You know I really hate this question because I have a lot of passions. I would say my number one is writing. I have been in a funk lately though.

I would like to write a book in my life. I mean I actually have when I was a kid on a old ass computer. Who knows where that computer is now but I would like to be published. I could die a happy women.

Another possible dream job is I would love to be a food blogger. It just takes a lot of time and patience that seems to run thin at times. I love to cook but sometimes I need a lot of motivation to do it.

So I guess short answer would be a writer. Here’s some photos of me making fresh pasta earlier today and follow me on Instagram at be_your_own_3am to watch more of my Instagram stories.

30 Day Challenge Day 3

I just want to make an announcement that I won’t be writing Mondays and Tuesday’s. It’s my husband’s days off and I never really see him because he works long hours. As much as I love writing and working on this blog, our relationship is a top priority.

Anyway back to the challenge! Day 3 is what is my favorite quote. This is hard because I’m a quote whore to be honest.

“Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea.”

It’s from one of my favorite movies from Y Tu Mamá También. For me how I took the quote is live. We spend most of our time worrying. At least I do and at the end of the day that shit doesn’t matter just live your life. (I’m a pseudo intellectual)

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

I’m going to give this a whirl again. I need to write more for my sanity and also it’s been super hard trying to get a job in Hemet. I have nothing to lose with consistently writing and all I’ve been doing is getting high out of my mind in my bedroom until my husband comes home.

Anyway to the actual prompt, the reason behind my blog name is it’s a song. The time when I was thinking of a blog name, I was listening to a lot of Maná and Oye Mi Amor is my favorite song. I also wanted something to show I am an Afro Latina. Being Latina is very important to me and somehow because of my black skin some people just ignore that fact.

My blog name is relatively simple. It’s a song from a famous Mexican rock band. It also happened to be my thing at the time I named my blog. I might change it soon but I always say this.